The Alps Residences MCC Land Singapore Tampines

The Alps Residences are a real estate development on Singapore. The residences are being built on land that was leased out by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) of Singapore for a lease period totaling 99 years. The winning bid for the plot of redevelopment land was made by MCC Land.

The Alps Residences Tampines Ave 10

The Alps Residences are situated within the Tampines 10 District and are also close to the Bedok Reservoir area. That position made it an easy decision for MCC Land to bid for the land in the first place as they were pretty convinced that the condos within the completed complex would sell strongly as soon as these were made available to buy on the Singapore real estate market.

Alps Residences Singapore

So as far as MCC Land were concerned developing the condos at the Alps Residences site made a great deal of financial sense, an investment with a really sound prospect of a healthy return once the majority of condos have been sold. The Tampines 10 district itself is an area that attracts city workers to live as the property prices are notably lower than in the city yet jobs there are easy to travel to. The area has good MRT, SRT, as well as bus links to and from the centre of Singapore. That is definitely an appealing combination, lower property costs, and not having to drive through rush hour traffic in order to get to their places of work.

Alps Residences MCC Land Singapore

The completed condos at the Alps Residences Tampines will offer their new owners luxury places to life without being too expensive to buy. The condos and the complex have all the modern facilities that buyers would hope to have, while the local area has plenty of amenities too. Residents will also be able to relax by going to the Bedok Reservoir or any of the nearby shopping malls.

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