Artra Condo Tang Group 400 Units

Artra Condo is a redevelopment project that is located at Alexandra View. This project will be a mixed development that will include residential units, a child care center, 15 retails shops and 1 supermarket. There are so many factors that make it a perfect home, and here I am sharing five reasons to buy an apartment in this new project.

Artra Condo Tang Group 400 Units

Artra Condo is located just next to the Redhill MRT station. That means you will have no problem going anywhere using MRT network thanks to this direct link from your building to Station. Apart from the MRT station, it is also well connected by bus interchange and roads that allow you to go to any place with utmost simplicity.

Tang Group Artra Condo Alexandra View

Many working parents find it really hard to get a child care center close to their home. Because of this issue, many parents choose a child care center at a distant location and they end up investing more time in commuting. This issue will not be there in the Artra Redhill MRT Condo because a fully functional child care center will be there in the building. So, you can drop your kids while going to work and you can pick them back when you are back from the work.

There are at least six schools located at close distance from this condo. These schools are perfect for all age group kids, so it does not matter your child is in junior class or senior one, you can find a good school easily. This will reduce the time of travel for your kid and they will be able to invest more of their time in studies instead of commuting.

Artra Direct Link Bridge to Redhill MRT

As mentioned above, it will have a supermarket in the building and 15 other retail shops will also be there along with the supermarket. So, whether you want to buy some groceries for your home or anything else, you can step inside one of these shops and you can buy that easily in the least possible time.

The life will be very easy in Artra condo because it will have all the amenities such swimming pool, BBQ area and playground in its site plan. Also, you can buy a home of your choice in the apartment.And if we talk about other facilities such as entertainment hub, hospitals, malls or MRT stations, then all these services are also located at few minutes proximity from this address.

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Bedok Shopping Centre located near District 16 Grandeur Park

Bedok Mall is one of the best shopping malls in Singapore. This is a one stop shop that offers all types of lifestyle related facilities to the people who are living here. It serves more than 300,000 people living in the Bedok residences daily with the fashion and lifestyle facilities. Bedok Mall offers best services to the people who come here for shopping. Located near Grandeur Park Residences, it is the biggest shopping mall in Bedok that is open for providing its services to the people since December 2013. The tenure of the Bedok Mall is the 99 years. Its district is D16.

District 16 Condo Grandeur Park

One of the most beautiful and attractive malls located in the Singapore is the Bedok Mall beside Grandeur Park. It is located in the center of the Bedok Town center. It is connected to the MRT Station through its Basement no 2 and to the Bedok bus interchange via level 2. It is located next to the popular Bedok Hawker center. It is located at the 311 New Upper Changi Road Singapore 467360. It is established at the corner of the Bedok bus interchange.

The restaurants that are located around the Bedok Mall are The Canton paradise, Bedok Food Center, Dian Weo Er, Talad Thai, Wing stop and Menya Mushashi. It includes the Feng Shan Primary School, Opera Estate Primary School, Bedok Green Primary School, Yu Neng Primary School and Red Swa Skita Primary School. It is located at Tanah Merah MRT Station

Grandeur Park Residences Bedok Mall Chip Eng Seng

The CEL development, a highly competitive and investment company has started its business in another place in Singapore that is the Bedok South Avenue 3. It is the last project that has been started round the Bedok Mall because all other space has been sold out. The establishment of the CEL development company has increased the worth and value of the Bedok Mall. The site plan of the mall consists of the Water Lounge sunbeds, Children’s pol, Outdoor exercise stations, Children’s playground and vertical garden, BBQ in Maze, Senior fitness stations, Clubhouse with gym and a wide space for everyone to enjoy and relax.

Grandeur Park Chip Eng Seng Tanah Merah MRT Station

The biggest retail and residential development in Bedok is the eight, fifteen story residential tower that are called as the Bedok residences. These residences comprise the 3 story life style family houses. The development is located at Tanah Merah MRT Station by CEL Residential and Chip Eng Seng. More than 200 residential houses around the Bedok are acquitted with all advance facilities of life. The management of the Bedok Mall is the Capital Malls Asia that is also the owner of the mall. The Bedok Mall residences consist of various bedroom units with two facings, one face toward the Changi Road and second is toward the Bedok Rise. Bedok residences is a very attractive plan around the Bedok Mall. Bedok Mall is surrounded with more than 300,000 residents and excellent residences are being provided here for the people who love to live here. The residences that are offered to the people in Bedok includes The residences include swimming pool, tennis courts and Infinity Lap pool.

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